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This is my third and newest tattoo, my second UV tattoo. The compass in the center represents a lot for me, and Tucson is a big part of it. In Tucson, everyone knows which way is “north”, no matter where in the city they are, because of the mountains! As I am going to be moving back to New York soon, (my other UV tattoo is the NY skyline infused in an EKG on my back) I got this tattoo so I can take a bit of Tucson with me. The daisy at the bottom represents my dog, Daisy. She’s been the only anchor/constant in my life, my best friend (sometimes only friend), and companion for the past five years. I love her, and I love this tattoo, with all of my heart. It was done by Scott at Majestik in Tucson, AZ.


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Million stars,million scars


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These are my fresh, blacklight sensitive finger tattoos. They’re lyrics from Somewhere In The Between by Streetlight Manifesto that I changed up a little!

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