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tattoo, costas, grande, árvore



tattoo, costas, realismo, grande



tattoo, coruja, árvore, braço


done by meghan meier at rolling tattoo in laramie, wyoming. she’s amazing and does beautiful work.
i got the design from a book of ornithology lithographs. owls. they’re pretty awesome.


tattoo, costas


Ancient Greek story of Apollo and Daphne.


tattoo, braço


Fruit & Veggie Dance Party celebrating my veganism. Done in all vegan inks by Luciana at First Class Tattoo in South Beach. Original “characters” drawn by vegan artist Michelle from My Zoetrope.


tattoo, virilha, wally


Just to clarify where Waldo is! lol Before getting this tattoo, I realized Waldo only has 4 fingers! But I though it’d look weird so I had my tattoo artist give him five fingers and make him do the peace sign 🙂 Tattoo Artist: Van of Lucky Van Tattoos in San Francisco.


tattoo, pé, flores significado, escrita


My first tattoo, done by Craig Grainger at Mata Mata Studios in Hamilton, ON. (Although he just moved to the UK!) This is them almost fully healed.

 It took me five years to finally get my feet done, mostly because of how indecisive I was. As it was my first tattoo, and I didn’t know if I would have ever got another one I combined everything I couldn’t live without into one tattoo. The first being art which I have dedicated my life to creating and the rest being my mother, my brother, and my bestfriend.. who are all represented by a flower in their favourite colour and whose meaning relates to them as a person!

 The entire tattoo process has completely inspired me and I am very happy to have had such a good experience with it. I definitely want more now! 🙂


tattoo, pernas, anime


Done at Sinkin’ Ink in Hamilton, Ontario.


tattoo, costas, gato, realismo


my second , and newest tattoo , of my cat who was a huge part of 15 of the 17 years i’ve been living it. say what you’d like , everyone has their own opinion , but this tattoo means absolutely everything in the world to me and more . it was done by keo at the basement tattoo shop in windsor, ontario. click on the photo to see the video of the tattoo being completed !


tattoo, braço, escrita


My Nana passed away when I was two years old, but those two years of my life she was a part of were wonderful. She moved across the states at one point and her and my mother wrote letters to each other. One letter in particular that she wrote, she signed it “all my love”.

 This is her handwriting, and I love having it on my arm so much. She’s always with me 🙂


tattoo, pé, diamantes, escrita


Tattoos I got done for my birthday at Addictions In Ink in Wichita, Kansas. My ankles say “Stay” and “True”. I decided to get these words because my whole life I’ve tried to be someone else for others, I decided this year I wouldn’t ever change for anyone again. I got the diamonds at the same time because it all goes together. One has blood coming off and the other tears. It just shows all the struggles and “blood and tears” it took to get where I am now. I choose diamonds firstly because I love them, secondly from the quote “It’s hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world”. I like to believe as well that every step I take should be a bright one.


tattoo, braço, água-viva


The tentacles on my jellyfish wrap up around my bicep and around my forearm.

It was the action of getting the tattoo, not the image, that was important to me.


tattoo, braço, pokemon


I went to visit 2 of my friends in Chicago and on a whim, we decided it would be a great idea to get Pokemon tattoos. We all love Pokemon a LOT and it was really fun to all get them done together.

Charmander | Squirtle | Pikachu


tattoo, braço, flores significado, caveira


I got this around halloween 2010. Represents my vegan lifestyle and many little personal things, like the tooth and the rose (that’s unfortunately still unfinished ._.). the tooth is my logo ‘cause I am an artist and tattoo artist myself. why I chose this as my logo is too hard to explain in english for me, ‘cause I am german 😀

 got it done at Farbulös Tattoo in Nuremberg, Germany. Done by Billy 🙂 I love his work and will get tattooed there again 🙂


tattoo, braço, paisagem, costas, pássaros


this is a piece of the forest on my family’s property up on the Rifle River. The maple leaves slowly die and turn into birds and fly away… you can’t see the birds in this photo but they fly across my back. The forest is a place in my life where I feel safe, and calm, and the dying leaves turning into birds are symbolizing something I feel strongly about which is the idea that animals/people/plants,etc can die and be reborn again and that life is just a constant cycle. Done by Brian Massey at Lucky Monkey Tattoo in Ann Arbor, MI


tattoo, costas, grande, caveira, braço, flores significado, várias



tattoo, pernas, egito



tattoo, pescoço, borboleta, braço, realismo, busto, estrela, 
várias, escrita


Photo : Sandra Birklbauer
MUAH : Fanny Maurer


tattoo, costas, escrita



tattoo, braço, chaves, flores significado, diamantes, anime


My happy, cute, positive, personal inspiration sleeve. Not finished yet 🙂
Made by Vector at Vectorious art in Falköping


tattoo, costela, escrita



tattoo, braço, escrita


My best friend’s tattoo and my own.

Laura Jean is her grandma, who has played a huge role in her life. They both have a thing for sunflowers.

Mine is the outline of an N64 controller, just because I absolutely love the system and my childhood!

Both done at Mutiny Ink in SLC, UT on separate occasions.


tattoo, braço, âncora significado, pena


I got this tattoo as half a tribute to my Pop-Pop who died a few years ago of cancer. He had an anchor tattoo on his forearm as well, from being in the Coast Guard. The feather represents (in a corny way to myself) my independence and free spirit that I really value. I love it so much!

 I drew this myself and had it done by my cousin’s husband at the shop he owns, Freehold Tattoo in NJ 🙂

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